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The Right  Choice

To ensure you get the right sand for your application, you need the experts at Sil Industrial Minerals. For over 40 years, our experienced staff has been dedicated to providing the right product of the highest quality. Whether it's fracturing sand, silica flour, sandblasting or sand bunkers on the ninth hole, Sil Industrial Minerals of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, can meet your requirements.

With our modern equipment, we can manufacture custom blends for any special job. And if you do need a custom ground product to meet your specifications, Sil Industrial Minerals has ball milling capabilities.

The Right Material

Sil Industrial Minerals meets many industry specifications and standards. The company's technical staff constantly monitors our products, doing analysis such as crush tests, particle shape analysis, rheometer testing, gradation analysis, turbidity measurement, blast tests and chemical composition tests. Independent laboratories are used on a monthly basis to verify in-house test results.

Whatever your needs, Sil Industrial Minerals knowledgeable staff will help you as quickly and responsively as possible. We can provide product in bulk or bags, and will deliver on request. Bulk products are shipped in dedicated pneumatic trailers to prevent contamination. If you need a specialty product not readily available, Sil Industrial Minerals has the resources to provide it.

The Right Solution 

Sil Industrial Minerals is a company of good, hard-working people dedicated to providing excellent service and top-quality products for its customers through leading edge technology.

That's why Sil Industrial Minerals is Western Canada's leader in industrial sands, blasting abrasives and equipment. 





                                                          Jetmag is produced in a rotary kiln heated at 2300°F which hardens the particles.

           Jetmag shatter less on impact compared to other abrasives, which gives it a better work speed with low- consumption and less dust.

                                                                Because of its chemical and mineral composition, Jetmag is a non-toxic material.