VV Garnet (India)


VV Garnet – is a naturally occurring almandite garnet, the hardest of all known garnet types. All grades have a Moh’s hardness of 8, with a specific gravity of 4.1.

Available In:


• 25kg (55lb) bags, 40 bags/pallet
• 1 MT (1000kg) Bulk Bag
• Bulk


  • VV Garnet is available in all of the sizes required by industry today for dry blasting in tank farms, pulp and paper mills, and fabrication shops.
  • Very effective in waterjet cutting.
  • The angular to sub angular particle size is proven to be very fast cutting, and provides a super clean surface for protective coating applications.
  • Is chemically inert, with less than 1% free silica and no heavy metals.
  • Is recoverable and reusable.