Brown Aluminum Oxide


Brown Aluminum Oxide – grits are the most efficient blasting media and the fastest cutting product used for industrial blasting and surface preparation, due to its extreme hardness of 9 on a Mohs scale. Brown Aluminum Oxide is a man-made material electro fused from bauxite.

Available In:

12 16
24 36
54 80
100 120
180 220

• 50lb bags, 56 bags/pallet


  • Brown Aluminum Oxide is suitable for all enclosed blasting operations (cabinet and/or blast rooms) where high cutting action of this aggressive media can be put to work. Metal surface preparation for coatings and metal cleaning are the most popular uses. Wide range of surface patterns can be achieved with the grades of Brown Aluminum Oxide (12 through 220 mesh).


  • Colour Tan to Dark Brown
  • Grain Shape Angular
  • Bulk Density 100- 140 lbs/ft³
  • Hardness Mohs 9
  • Specific Gravity 3.96
  • Moisture Content <0.1% weight