Steel Shot (Amasteel)


Amasteel Shot – is manufactured by pouring a molten mixture of premium grade steel scrap and select alloys through a series of water jets. On contact with the water, the molten metal is atomized, forming round particles in a controlled range of sizes. These particles then fall into a water tank, and then are dried, screened by size, quenched and tempered in a unique heat-treating process that assures ultimate control over the microstructure and hardness of the product, prior to final screening.

Available In:

780 660 550
460 390 330
280 230 170
110 70

• 50lb bags, 40 bags/pallet
• 1500-2500lb Steel Drums


  • Used for blast cleaning to remove surface contamination in foundry products.
  • Used in peening to impart compressive strength to torque or load-bearing metal parts.


  • Amasteel is non-hazardous and contaminant free as received. During use it produces no free silica or associated respiratory and environmental hazards. Any metal dust created during use is insignificant, allowing for a virtually dust-free blasting environment.
  • Can be reused (recycled) multiple times reducing operational costs.