Recreational Sands

Sil Industrial Minerals Recreation Sand is a clean, screened and sized sand that has minimal clay and has a consistent, uniform particle size distribution. Our sand can be used for a number of applications including:
  1. Beach Volleyball Courts
  2. As a component of artificial turf fields
  3. Sand Boxes
  4. Beaches
  5. Horse Tracks & Arenas

Sil Industrial Minerals Recreation Sand – was used as a main component of the artificial turf field that was put into the recently built Commonwealth Stadium indoor facility.
Sil Industrial Minerals – is proud to be the sand chosen to be used for the beach volleyball competition at the Western Canada Summer Games 2015 in Fort McMurray.
Sil Industrial Minerals – carries a line of washed, dried, screened and sized playsand for sand boxes or whatever your application may be.