Sil Topdressing Sand

  • Sil Industrial Minerals Topdressing Sand – is a whole grain of crystalline silica with a hardness and uniformity that is far superior to local river or masonry sands.
  • Sil Industrial Minerals Topdressing Sand is mined, washed, sized and screened under our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance Program. Both feed stock and final products are processed through our modern Bruderheim Plant using the latest industrial sand processing technology. The result is chemical purity, minimal clays and organic contaminants with a consistent uniform particle size distribution.
  • Bruderheim’s naturally occurring sand is light brown in colour. Sil Industrial Minerals’customers can expect a long-term supply of Specialty Topdressing Sand that will help you provide your customer with a quality putting and driving surface.

Available In:

• Bulk, wet or dry (Tandems, End Dumps, Truck & Pup Wagons, Pneumatic for Silos) • 1.7 tonne (3700lb) Bulk Bags • 40kg (88lb) paper bags • 22.7kg (50lb) paper bags


  • Colour: Light Brown, Tan
  • Grain Shape: Sub-Angular
  • Hardness, Mohs: 6+
  • Bulk Density: 99-101 lb/ft³
  • Specific Gravity: 2.65-2.67
  • Moisture Content: <1% weight