Wesjet Garnet (U.S.)


Wesjet Garnet – is mined by Emerald Creek Garnet from creek beddings in the Fernwood, Idaho area of the United States.  Wesjet Garnet is washed with fresh water in a state-of-the-art washing facility. Because of this special process, Wesjet is one of the cleanest abrasives for waterjetting.

Available In:

60 mesh 80 mesh
60/80 mesh 120 mesh

• 50lb bags, 80 bags/pallet
• 2000lb super sacs
• 4000lb super sacs


  • Wesjet Garnet is available in a number of sizes for very clean low-dust waterjetting and blasting.
  • Is recoverable and reusable.


  • Colour: Deep Red to Pink
  • Grain Shape: Sub-Angular
  • Hardness, Mohs: 7.5-8
  • Bulk Density: 135 lb/ft³
  • Specific Gravity: 4.0-4.1