Black Beauty

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Green Diamond Abrasive – is fused magnesium ortho silicate, formed from molten lateritic ore and granulated by quenching. The quenching process produces and amorphous non-crystalline form of hard durable granule. Green Diamond is faster cutting due to its durability and sharp angular edges and leaves the blasted surface clean. It is moisture free and approved to be environmentally safe. Green Diamond also contains no free silica.

Available In

20/50 Mesh
  • 50lb bags, 70 bags/pallet
  • 3700lb Bulk Bags
  • Bulk


  • Great for blasting on metal surfaces due to the angular particle shape. Will remove mill scale, rust or existing coatings from steel and other metals, preparing for fabrication or coating.
  • Green Diamond has no free silica which is beneficial in situations where silica sand or higher content silica abrasives can’t be used because of environmental or safety reasons.


  • Colour Green/Grey
  • Grain Shape Angular
  • Bulk Density 85 – 105 lb/ft³ (1362 – 1682 kg/m³)
  • Hardness, Mohs 6.5 – 7
  • Specific Gravity 3.3
  • Moisture Content <0.1% weight

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